Words can make the heart feel stronger. It can inspire healing, motivate change, and provide support.

The main aim of One Million Quotes is to give those, who feel overwhelmed with modern day life, hope to overcome challenges they are facing in relationships, at work, and within themselves.

About Us

OneMillionQuotes.com is an initiative started by worldly traveler, entrepreneur, writer, artist, and spiritual being – Melanie du Toit. After facing her own struggles in life, she would Google random questions to get answers. The answers or articles she would come across was usually generic, fake, not real enough and very clichĂ©.

So, Onemillionquotes.com was started. It provides a platform to people all over the world, a safe space to share their stories. Whether they’ve overcome divorce, breakups, depression, and loss or are still dealing with sexuality, suicidal thoughts, abuse, toxic relationships, and mental illness – these stories are all real.

As humans we can learn from each other, help each other grow, and support one another. Through reading stories of others we can find guidance and comfort in knowing we are not alone.

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All stories are reviewed and edited by the One Million Quotes team, to ensure it provides legit and real advice that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll find unique quotes throughout the platform that you can save freely and share wherever you’d like.



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