What If…

Quote: Two words that can destroy progress - What if

What if I was prettier? What if I chose a different occupation? What if I didn’t say that harmful thing? What if I just kept it to myself? What if I avoided falling in love with them? What if I never left them? What if…

It’s normal to think ahead and to wonder about what things might be, can be, or would’ve been like. Adding ‘what if’ in front of every question will create an abundance of self-doubt, indecisiveness, and inner-turmoil. Asking yourself ‘what if’ isn’t actually doing anything as a matter of fact it stops any growth.

When something already happened, there is no way in which you can change it. You can only learn from it. Wishing that you did something different in a past moment isn’t productive. It can destroy personal growth. Instead of saying ‘what if…’ things were different, rather accept the fact that things are how they are because of things that has already passed. The only solution is to learn from it, adjust, and grow.

When your ‘what if…’ questions are aimed towards the future then spurt them into action. If you wish things would change or things were different, then you can change your ‘what if…’ into an ‘I will…”. You have to accept the things you can’t change, change the things you can, and know the difference between the two.

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