Mindfulness Quotes

Ever look at photos from a time when you were miserable? Even though you were smiling, you felt sad and unfulfilled. When we find true happiness it shines from our eyes without us being able to control it…

Allow yourself time to heal. Don’t jump into another relationship immediately. You need to nurture yourself before you can start loving someone again.

To achieve inner peace you need to be proactively involved in taking the steps to heal, to grow, to find joy.  It doesn’t lay in another person, a new home, or an obsessive habit, but rather rooted deep within.  Listen to your soul and you’ll be able to unlock your true identity and nurture it accordingly..

You control everything that goes on in your mind. Try to change negative and toxic thoughts into positive ones. Example: “I don’t feel like working today!” into “I’m so blessed with this job. I’m looking forward to making a change and growing professionally”

Take a deep breath and allow your mind to become still. In that moment of stillness enjoy being in the moment, refreshing your mind, and shifting old habits into new ones.

Forgive yourself for every silly thing you’ve done in the past. You can’t change the things you’ve done, you can only change your attitude and behavior going forward. Healing starts when you stop denying and start admitting your faults. Making an effort to change them and changing the wrongs into rights.

Today, I forgive myself for…