Selfcare Quotes

We can get so focused on what the other person need in the relationship, that we forget to check whether it’s good for us. Is it good for you? Is it what you want? Are you setting boundaries?

Don’t forget to check in with yourself…

You deserve to be loved by yourself. Write down why you love yourself? Why are you worthy to be loved? If you don’t… Then use words affirmation to uncover everything that makes you worthy to be loved. 💙💜💙

Love isn’t always enough. Loving someone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any boundaries or that you can’t have any standards and limits.  What’s your limits when it comes to lovong someone unconditionally? ❤️

In life, we can become like a robot. An almost switched off version of ourselves as if we were on autopilot. You have to do things that makes you feel alive. What makes you happy? Inject more of that into your daily life.

Breathing in deeply can soothe our souls. We are made to breath. Fill your lungs with fresh air. In. Out. Feel the air.

What makes you feel good? Make time for it in your life. Your interests should be a priority!!